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Slidin’Guide News Updates

2019 Slidin’Guide Cards NOW SHIPPING!

The new 2019 NRHA and NRCHA Guides are shipping now!

MINOR CHANGES TO NRHA Patterns in 2019

No new patterns added this year!

There were minor wording changes adding the word “Hesitate” to Pattern 13 maneuver #1 and #3, and Pattern B maneuver #3 and #5.

Because of all the small changes to the descriptions over the years, to be safe you should reorder a fresh NRHA 2019 set just to keep it straight!

NO CHANGES TO NRCHA Patterns in 2019

However, the NRCHA requested we drop the Pattern 13 card as it is rarely used only at special events.

NRHCA changed some wording relative to the Rule 20.6 Lope in Pattern cards in 2017, but no changes in 2018. However, the front diagrams and the pattern itself remain the same. However, be sure you have an NRCHA SG set from no older than 2017 to be sure you have updated Pattern cards!

Remember that NRCHA MADE CHANGES TO PATTERNS #4, #6 AND #12 in 2014 as follows:

Pattern 4 – change 2.5 spins to 3.5 spins.
Pattern 6 – change 3.5 spins to 2.5 spins.
Pattern 12 – change 2.5 spins to 3.5 spins.

NOTE: In 2012, NRCHA compeletely CHANGED Pattern #6. It is NOT the same as AQHA Pattern 6. All previous years (2006-2011) Slidin’Guide Cards for Pattern #6 are VOID. Be sure you have a NRCHA SG set from no earlier than 2017 to be sure you have the correct Pattern cards!

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